EXSTO expands in Italy

EXSTO, an independent business since 2009, based in Romans (200 employees and with a 30 million euro revenue) and specialising in gravity casting and injection moulding of polymers industrial parts (urethane, polyamides …), continues its international expansion.

After Great Britain, Brazil, Germany and most recently the USA, EXSTO has moved into Italy with the acquisition of TECNOTEC, a company based near Turin.

This latest investment of a company that produces urethane and rubber parts for the mining and quarries markets enhances the diversity of EXSTO’s industrial activities.

“This buyout offers several strategic objectives for the company” reveals Christophe TORRES, President of EXSTO.

“It will not only allow EXSTO  to be represented in Italy, where we were quasi absent, but also to access a new technology and new markets thus adding to our range of products on offer.

The commercial development of this new range will happen first in France and then in the other countries wherein EXSTO has settled.

Finally, this acquisition is a direct result of the expansion politics that EXSTO wishes to reinforce, thus allowing the company to exceed the 50 million euros of turnover within the next five years.”