Polyurethane products.



Mining screen panels

The abrasion resistance, the decrease of noise emissions, the weight decrease and easy assembly compared to traditional metal systems allow polyurethane panels an increasingly wide consumption inside the mine, quarry and waste recovery screeners.

We also supply accessories such as fixing plugs and wedges, side protections and wet spreading nozzles.

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Rollers and wheels

Wheels also in complete supply, rectified or turned cylindrical, conical, smooth, ribbed, grooved.

Industry parts

Polyurethane parts made to the customer’s design and specifications, with or without a metal insert.

Our technical department is able to follow the customer from the design of the piece, to the definition and realization of the mold, up to the realization of the finished product.

Standard parts

We produce a wide range of standard products, such as rounds, cylinders, squares, disks, solid or perforated parallelepipeds.

Normalized shock absorbers and various types of bars or profiles depending on customer requirements.

Snowplow blades

We are specialized in the production of technical articles for winter road maintenance, in particular polyurethane knives for snow plows blades in various sizes and models, shock absorbers for salt spreading machines, bumpers, protections, springs, pads. The range of products for this sector is made with a special polyurethane chemistry that guarantees excellent dynamic properties, very good resistance to abrasion and durability, even in the most extreme weather conditions.


Polyurethane sheets

Custom polyurethane sheets up to 1000 × 3000 mm, or shaped according to the customer’s design.

Thickness according to request

Discs for star screens

Available in various sizes and types, they are widely used in the ecology and sugar industries.

Scrapers for conveyor belts

Scrapers for conveyor belts or modular scrapers with ceramic insert

Coated steel sheets

Coated steel sheets for hoppers lining, mixing bases and in general as wear protection.
Realization on drawing, with or without holes or screws for fixing.

Track shoe pads

Track shoe pads for earth moving machines in complete supply of metal sole or regeneration of old metal soles

No crush wheels

No crush rollers for the paper converting sector in different sizes and geometries
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