Snowplow blades.

High Durability

Far superior durability: composite snowplow blades lasts at least 250% longer than conventional steel blades.

Steel blade
Composite blade

Innovative composition of materials



This special wear-resistant steel is quenched and tempered over 400 Brinell and has a tensile strength of 1400 N/mm². It stands up to the toughest jobs.



This special rubber was specially developed to be resistant to wear, to be flexible and elastic so as to adapt effectively to the road surface.


Corundum ceramic

The second-hardest mineral in the oxide category. Ceramic moulded parts are produced specifically for our snowplow blades.

100% Made in Italy

On request we can design and fabricate snowplow blades to meet specific requirements.
Please contact us with your particular wishes and requirements.


  • Good scraping properties
  • Long service life
  • All types of snow
  • All road surfaces
  • Minimal fuel consumption

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